How to Make Time to Write?

Are you unable to find time to write? If you are a writer, or starting out as a writer, then this is an inevitable concern. We all have the same amount of time in the day, and for things that we want desperately, things that are important to us – we make time. Writing is one such thing!

(1) Sacrifice something! – Don’t you sometimes cancel on that cricket match you promised to go to on Sunday mornings? Or, reschedule that lunch with your school friends? That means that when you had to cancel or reschedule, you had something more important to do at that particular time. Similarly, for writing, you can skip that 3-hour TV time or a gossip session with the ladies from your kitty or those never-ending political discussions with the boys.

(2) Create a time-table – Plan your day in a way that you give some amount of time to writing. Make sure that you write for half an hour, 45 minutes or an hour at least 3 times in a day, which will help you achieve a lot and that will be seen in your written work. Take 5 to 10 minute breaks in between and make sure that you get up from your seat and stretch or take a stroll or go get coffee/chai from your favourite café/tea-stall down the lane.

(3) Make a choice – The choice of writing is already made and you have to stick to it. No distractions in the time that you are writing and no wandering of thoughts in that time. If that requires you to switch your WiFi off, close all the irrelevant tabs on your computer and listen to some instrumental music to keep going, so be it. Only you know what distracts you, and only you will have to find ways to overcome these distractions for a fruitful outcome.

(4) Track your writing time – When you sit to write for 30, 45 or 60 minutes, keep a check on what you achieve in those time slots. If you are writing a novel, see what percentage of a chapter you can finish in the stipulated time. There will be progress with each passing day and keeping track will ensure that you are aware about the same. Doesn’t mean that you will never experience writer’s block! When that happens, it’s a whole different story altogether. (See Inklings founder Vishwesh Desai’s piece on writer’s block The Blank Page)

(5) Writing: The first thing or the last – This can be based on whether you are a morning person or a night owl. If you like mornings, then schedule your wake up time an hour early and write in that very first waking hour. If you dislike mornings and can think better when everyone is asleep, take your laptop and write in dim light for at least an hour before going to bed.

(6) Writing can be handy –Whether your job requires you to travel or you are a full-time mom, you will still be able to write. Carry a notebook or a laptop and start writing wherever you find time – be it at the airport, or while waiting at the doctor’s for your turn or while commuting to and from work. Don’t worry about not coming up with your best work, just write. It’s true, here, that something is better than nothing.

(7) Assign a writing place – Give yourself a desk or better (if you can) a room, where you write. At your scheduled writing time, try and sit at this place that you have assigned to writing. The earmarked place will always give you the vibes of writing. Your Muses will start residing there and you will not have a hard time channelling your thoughts into your drafts.

Try these tips and let us know in the comments section, which ones work best for you!

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Nisrin Saqib is a voice-over artist by choice, a passionate writer by will and a teacher by experiences. Nisrin likes to travel, read, write and speak utilizing her talents in creative areas. Nisrin loves to explore different cultures and that is seen in her written and spoken works with aspirations of becoming a stronger her with every passing day.

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