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What is a writing center?

A writing center is a platform for writers in all stages of their writing journey to learn, improve and grow. Writing centers offer a range of services, including writing courses, workshops, mentoring, coaching, editing and proofreading.

Why writing?

Writing empowers the writer. It is both an escape from and a bridge to reality, simultaneously creating new worlds and making better sense of ours. Writing is a vehicle of change, shaping perspective and building a sense of actualization. Throughout history, writers have influenced thinking and challenged societal norms, building a better world by exploring the human condition.

Apart from its use for self-expression, writing is also an essential professional skill. Strong writing skills help you achieve your goals – whether they are higher education, internships, job placements or career advancement. The acquisition of writing skills fosters analytical and critical thinking, both invaluable in today’s dynamic environment.

For whom?

The Inklings Writing Center aims to help writers at all stages of their writing journey. Our courses, workshops and mentoring services are designed for anyone aged 13 and over.

What do we do?

At Inklings, we aim to democratize writing skills by bringing aspiring and established writers together to create meaning from their ideas.

We offer online writing courses for various forms of writing, ranging from short stories and poetry to photo-stories and scripts. Our mentoring sessions are open to first-time and aspiring writers, helping with general guidance or specific issues. Our workshops introduce the joy of stories to participants ranging from pre-schoolers to college students.

We endeavor to bring an ease of access and convenience that allows writers to pursue their passion unhindered by their day-to-day obligations.

Empowering through writing!

We believe that a writer resides within every reader, that everyone has a story to tell, and our mission is to equip that writer with a pathway and platform to shine.

Our Inspiration

The Inklings at Oxford University
This photograph is at the Marion E. Wade Center, Wheaton College, IL, USA

From the early 1930s to the late 1940s, there existed a literary discussion group at Oxford University whose members called themselves the ‘Inklings.’ Amongst other literary greats, they included era-defining authors such as CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien. As connoisseurs of the art of writing, they were pioneers of narrative in fiction and sought to increase their skill by virtue of sharing it.

The Inklings Writing Center, named after these literary giants, strives to carry forward their legacy and create a community of writers that can learn and grow together.

“You can make anything by writing.”

– C.S. Lewis

Our Founder

Our founder Vishwesh Desai has long considered writing his calling, having published several short stories and a 135,000-word novel titled Shadows of the Northlands by the time he was 14 years old. He has edited and published Unrestrained Minors, an anthology of short stories written by students under his Project Bibliophilia. He regularly conducts creative writing workshops for participants ranging from four-year-olds to final-year college students.

With a view to giving back to the community, Vishwesh initially engaged with students and conducted workshops to mentor aspiring writers. However, he soon realized the limitations of the workshop model and the lack of learning platforms that act as a hurdle for aspiring writers. His desire to provide easier access to writing resources and a platform that allows writers to pursue their passion sparked the idea of an online writing center, which led to the creation of the Inklings Writing Center in October 2019. He has recently been awarded the ‘Young Achiever Award 2020′ by Indian Achievers’ Forum in recognition of his work at Inklings Writing Center.

Our Associations


Inklings Writing Center is an initiative of the Inklings Education Foundation, a not-for-profit organization set up under Section 8 of The Indian Companies Act 2013.

Let’s get writing.

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