Jean Dsouza

Jean Dsouza is a poet, teacher, researcher, editor, communication consultant and TEDx speaker with a passion for literature, language and religion studies.

She has authored two books on poetry Blue Jeans and 1 a.m. Conversations: Lines Written in Starlight and edited two books Strands of Time: The Timeless Charm of Gujarat’s Tribal Crafts and Exquisitely Entwined: The Magic of the Crafts of Maharashtra.

Jean has a PhD in religious studies. Her extensive research in Gender, Religious Literature and Children’s Literature is widely recognised and she has been invited to several international platforms such as the Oxford Symposium on Religious Studies at Oxford University, UK; Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, University of California at Los Angeles, USA; and at the Dominican International School, Taipei, Taiwan. She is currently studying Comparative Religious Writing.

By her own admission, this is not as important to her as her love for the written word, for the quest for meaning, for the observation of Life.

Jean loves to talk and write about things she observes and feels. She also loves to learn. She believes that “we teach best what we most need to learn”, and is looking for to an exploratory journey of learning and fun with the participants of her poetry course Loving the Logic and Magic of Poetry.

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