We offer a wide variety of writing workshops for all ages. Our workshops allow participants to explore writing through fun, engaging prompts and activities – whether it’s poetry, prose or any other kind of writing they want to develop!

Choose from our list of workshops or contact us to create something customized for your students. 

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Six Traits of a Story

A two-hour workshop covering the basics of storytelling – setting, plot, characters and dialogue – in brief. Suitable for all age groups. Can be customized to the background and age of participants.

Bibliophilia Intensive Writing Workshop

An intensive 12-hour workshop spanning two weekends, this is a great option for writers of all ages. Learn the finer nuances of writing – plot, characters, setting, dialogue – and get started with all that you need for rolling out your own short story.

Eight short stories from the first round of Bibliophilia were compiled and edited into an anthology Unrestrained Minors.

Bibliophilia was an amazing experience. Vishwesh was a great mentor right from the start, always there to clear our doubts, enrich our writing and support us. Not only did I learn a lot from it but I also thoroughly enjoyed it. Project Bibliophilia was a lot of fun and I would give anything to be a part of it again! ” – Adya Sarin (participant)

Critical Reading and Writing for Young Writers

In this two-hour long reading-writing workshop, participants read and discuss published stories and/or poems, complete writing exercises, analyse each other’s writing, and learn about the craft (the tools and techniques in poetry, prose, and drama) alongside the writing process.

What Makes a Story?

An hour-long video-based workshop for younger audiences to introduce them to the components of a story and pave the way for them to create their own. A fun way to learn about the who, where and what of a story.

Storytelling for Development Communication

Create greater impact for your development projects by learning how to talk about them using the skills of storytelling. Learn the difference between simply writing up a project brief and making it more attractive using the short story format in this two-hour workshop.

“The session was very engrossing and informative at the same time. I actually got a new perspective on how beautifully a simple incident or an experience can be converted into a story with the help of creative liberty. I learnt some new skills which I’ll definitely be using in my work. -Samantha

Stories of Heritage

Suitable for anyone who wants to experience the joy of writing a story about their own roots. Use the short story format to explore your connections to your heritage and convert it into a memorable piece using the tools of storytelling in this two-hour workshop.

“This workshop allowed me to reflect me on how I felt on the walk on old Delhi and deeply reflect on it. The paragraph that we were made to read had very good use of figurative language and it helped me to get ideas for my own writing. The session was very creatively designed and relaxing.” – Nirali

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

If you’d like to arrange a workshop at your school/college, please email us at

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