Priyanshi Patel

Priyanshi Patel is a young entrepreneur who seamlessly blends her business acumen with a passion for community service and development. She is the Managing Trustee of Karma Foundation, an umbrella organization that has diverse initiatives focused on literature, art, culture and youth development, apart from addressing complex social causes related to women empowerment, education, sustainability and sanitation. Priyanshi has also launched ‘Olixir’, her own brand of exclusive, cold-pressed gourmet oils. She has been in leadership roles at prestigious industry associations like Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI) and Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).


Priyanshi has a rich and diverse experience in business and entrepreneurship. She has recently introduced a brand of gourmet oils – Olixir – a range of pure and cold-pressed oils, carefully extracted to keep the natural vitality and goodness intact. Her brand offers Coconut, Almond, Olive and Walnut oils, which harness the nutritive power of natural ingredients to add a distinctive flavour to cuisines from across the globe. As the founder of the brand, Priyanshi’s expertise and insights have ensured that Olixir adheres to stringent international standards of production and packaging, to deliver on the promise of nature’s goodness and health.

Being the director of a well-established edible oil manufacturing company, NK Proteins Ltd, Priyanshi has taken its flagship brand – Tirupati – to the next level. Her astute business acumen and creative vision has led her to explore new markets for the brand at a global level.


The definition of success is not mere growth and diversification in business, for Priyanshi, but it also encompasses her endeavour to leave the world a better place, through community service. As the managing director of Karma Foundation, Priyanshi has steered a series of projects – to address health and sanitation issues of women, enable underprivileged persons get access to benefits under government schemes, help street-dwellers survive in harsh weather conditions and combat adverse impacts of natural disasters, nurture the elderly and address issues of malnutrition and hunger for the needy – to fruition.

One of the milestones in her journey at Karma Foundation was to enrol and in turn empower, women prisoners at the Sabarmati Jail by setting up a sanitary pad manufacturing unit at the jail premises. Under her leadership, the Karma Foundation was also conferred upon with the ‘Glory Of Gujarat’ Award by the Governor of Gujarat.

As part of Karma Foundation, Priyanshi spearheaded two key initiatives: the establishment of Ahmedabad Book Club and Gujarati Book Club. Priyanshi pioneered Ahmedabad Book Club, in an attempt to connect avid readers in the city of Ahmedabad. Today, it is the most active book club of the city. Gujarati Book Club is a similar initiative, aimed at promoting Gujarati language and literature. Both the collectives have been part of different literary festivals organised across the country.


Through her diverse experience and business practice, Priyanshi has steered institutions to success – be it through strategic brand promotion or driving a social change. She has also served in leadership roles at esteemed industry bodies. Priyanshi has served as the president of the Youth Wing of GCCI during the year 2016-17. During the same period, she also served as the president of EO – Gujarat Chapter. Presently, she heads the regional council of EO since 2017. Through her journey of various associations, Priyanshi has worked in an advisory role to develop and nurture growth of entrepreneurs, help accelerate growth of business led by entrepreneurs and facilitate meaningful dialogues between industry veterans and entrepreneurs.

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