Loving the Logic and Madness of Poetry


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Exploring poetry and writing some, with Jean Dsouza

Join Jean Dsouza as she explores the transformative world of poetry. Read inspiring poets, notice how poems take shape, and begin to create and sculpt your own shapes of poetry.

This short journey will:

  • Open up a brief, simplistic background to why we like to write poetry
  • Discuss Denotation, Connotation: Understanding the art of reading poetry
  • Observe Meter and Rhyme; Comparisons and Metaphors
  • Probe into Stereotypes and Archetypes in Rhyming patterns and in Thought
  • Consider different forms of poetry
  • Appreciate poetic expressions
  • Encourage communication through poetic means

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Explore the power of language and use it more confidently, skillfully and appropriately
  • Begin to develop your own voice
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of poetic form
  • Understand layers of meaning in (poetic) communication
  • Use the imagination and memory
  • Observe and listen
  • Feel confident to write poetry


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