The Bibliophilia course was an amazing experience. Vishwesh was a great mentor right from the start, always there to clear our doubts, enrich our writing and support us. Not only did I learn a lot from it but I also thoroughly enjoyed it. Bibliophilia was a lot of fun and I would give anything to be a part of it again!

Adya Sarin

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to read but this session showed me how reading connects you to your own imagination power. Earlier I felt that learning by videos is more effective than learning by reading, but thanks to this session, I’m convinced and motivated to read some good stuff. Looking forward to reading now.


The workshop made me realize how written means of expression are so much interesting and attractive than a small documentary of 3-4 minutes. Stories ignite imagination and enable a lot more to be included, which makes the content much more relevant and easy to understand.

Aditi Neema

I found the session on story writing innovative and relevant. I understood the influence of a story through a personal exercise which helped me reflect upon my way of thinking. The session also was engaging as we were asked questions which made us think.


The session was very engrossing and informative at the same time. I actually got a new perspective on how beautifully a simple incident or an experience can be converted into a story with the help of creative liberty. I also learnt some new skills which I’ll definitely use going forward. 

Samantha Narula

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