Travel Writing and Photo Stories

Travel, Write, Publish

  • Duration – 5 weeks
  • New Round of Course begins – March 24, 2020
  • Fees: Rs. 3,749 (25 % discount on Rs. 4,999)
  • Age group: 15 years and above

Join Ravikiran Rangaswamy as he shares his experiences of shooting different places and writing about them for various travel magazines.

The course is apt for those who are interested in converting their travel experiences into stories and would like to contribute in various travel magazines and newspapers. It is also for those who would be interested in combining images and words to narrate stories. Even those who are beginning their journey in photography are most welcome. 

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the different types of features/articles/travel stories that are covered in travel magazines/newspapers
  • Identify the destinations which can be written about or photographed for a story
  • Know the factors to keep in mind before you visit a destination to photograph/write about it
  • Appreciate what to keep in mind while capturing photographs that would tell the story of that place in its true light
  • Make your write-up/ story more engaging
  • Edit the write-up in terms of content and language
  • Pitch your story to magazines

Course Objective

This course is all about how one can explore a place to understand its culture, cuisine, traditions and geography. It is also about having a sensorial experience in order to write about and photograph places in a way that the reader aspires to visit the place. The objective of this course is also to highlight the scope of travel photography and explore the possibility of doing a photo feature/photo story for different travel magazines and for that it will be important to understand the content, language and tone of the magazines.

Course content

This course will provide an understanding of how travel photography is pursued and how different travel stories (photo features/photo stories) are done for different travel magazines (both print and digital). This will also include how one should plan a visit to destinations to do a story on it and what kind of visuals would resonate with the write-up for the magazine. To do a photo feature for a magazine, it is of utmost importance for one to know how to write and express about a place and the personal experience. Therefore, emphasis will also be given to writing. This course will also include how to write a pitch for the story and how one should get in touch with the editorial team of the magazine to get the story published.

The course is divided into five modules. Each module is one to one-and-a-half hours long. The instructor will set an assignment at the end of the first, second and third modules. You will receive detailed feedback from your instructor for all the assignments, with hints and tips on how to strengthen your work.

The modules will be posted weekly.

Module One- Introduction to Travel Writing and Photography

In the first module, we will brush up the basics of photography and also the introduction to the body of work that is carried out under travel photography and writing. We will also try to understand the role that photography plays in complementing a travel story and know about the fundamentals of photography in terms of lighting, exposure and framing.

Module Two- Travel Stories

Understanding and viewing different types of travel stories in the form of photo stories or photo features that are published in different travel magazines.

  • What can a travel/photo story include?
  • Points to be kept in mind before you visit a place to shoot and later write about it.

Module Three- How to go about doing a Travel Story

Understanding factors that need to be kept in mind when going out there and shooting.

Module Four- Writing the Travel Story

Understanding factors that need to be kept in mind while writing about the place. Selecting photos that would complement the travel story and that show the destinations in true light.

Module Five- Writing the Pitch

Learning how to write a pitch, post-processing of images, editing the write-up in terms of content and language and approaching the organisation to get the work published.

About the Instructor

Ravikiran Rangaswamy is a photographer and a writer. Two of his books ’46+14=06, A Story’ of a Genius’ and ‘Camera & Conversations’ have been featured in the Limca Book of Records. He contributes in travel magazines with photo stories and also does commercial food photography. Read more…

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